The exclusion of Dalits

In this article I won’t be repeating what has already been said thousands of times, but I will be discussing about the facts, the statistics of crime against the marginalized sections of our country, their exclusion from mainstream media and the New Education Policy (NEP) 2020, importance of representation of people from SC category in politics as well as the organisations working towards the rights of the Dalits.  

Toybank- Enabling futures through play

We have all grown up playing with different toys that made our childhood memorable. But what we don’t realize is that toys didn’t just make our childhood fun, they also helped us develop and achieve our milestones. But not everyone is privileged enough to afford new toys for every milestone. And some children with special needs require toys that cater to those needs. Toybank has come up with solutions that help children with developmental disabilities achieve their milestones at their speed.